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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Going to be...

This is will hopefully a upto date story of how my work goes at college not only will it allow me to look back, but i may find some people who are in the same position as me and are interested in how i am dealing with it!

I currently have 3 subjects and 7 exams in janurary i pulled bcc in my last set of exams for as but i'm retaking and hopefully be able to get higher grades

i have 3 weeks to exams,



  1. Just finished highschool and hope that this could be a good reference point before I get to uni.

    Keep on it man!

  2. Very cool, good luck in school, it's work but can be fun. Just pull it together and you'll be fine. Peace and love Kate!

  3. IT's as hard as you make it,, just finished my first semester and because I did the work and I was chill, my proffesors helped me out. Just relax and go day by day. Good luck though. Following.

  4. good luck! studying like a dog pays off.